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a digital currency exchange

Currency conversion into different digital currencies according to the current currency rate(s) wll be available. You could maintain account & currency vault. And also you could trande in into the next stage.

Idea of the company is to develop a digital currency exchange to ease and increase the number of users of crypto-currencies.
The digital currrency market is still unknown by large number of people. Bitcoin was launched in late 2009, after this first coin generated on SHA256 formula, was successful. Altcoins was brought in the market after it, generated on SCRYPT formula.

After trading in digital currencies, we thought to bring a new DIGITAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE for Trading cryto-currencies.

C-EXINS.CO was founded, to acomplish the neo exchange idea,
in mid of 2015. We are hardly working to bring this site more effective, secure and efficient to deal in many digital currencies.
We intending to include various valuable features in the future and the services on c-exins.co could provide a complete solution to our prioritised expensive subscribers.  


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