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Our Services

C-EXINS had a wide range of services depends on technologies focusing on blockchain solutions that helping to novice and high scale enterprise level needs. C-EXINS struggled to bring the best high class solutions of blockchain technologies providing the hgih participation in holdings of neo economy.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consulting and development of blockchain projects, we are helping in industry, the use of blockchain, by making them understand the use of these tehnologies from the begining to the advanced level, C-EXINS Blockchain department of Odeonus; a software company.

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Public Blockchain Development

A public blockchain is a distributed virtual ledger that runs on a peer-to-peer network, allowing all participants to access, read, and commit the data. C-EXINS provides a wide range to the industries of its public blockchain development services, which provides transparency, efficiency for their business.

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Smart Contract Development

The digital protocols created for verifying the terms of a legal agreement(s) between two or more parties is called Smart contracts. C-EXINS prowess enables to provide our customers with an excellent and secured smart contract development service aligned with our customers or users' business requirements.

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Private Blockchain Development

It is a Peer-to-peer network of a private blockchain that is not open to the public as well as requires a permission to access or an invitation, that make to the Private Blockchain a perfect solution for the internal network system of an organization.

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dApp Development

C-EXINS strugling to provide the development of peer-to-peer Decentralized Applications for all fields of industries including supply chain, logistics, entertainment, healthcare, and so on with the security of your organizational workflow.

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Tokenization Development

Tokanization is the process of transforming tangible and intangible assets into digital tokens. It is also a blockchain that represents any property in the form a digital format. C-EXINS can provide you the Tokanization confidence.

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C-EXINS Cryptocurrency, NFT Collections

Our wonderful NFT Collections are designed to mold some common graphics but the design and representation is very unique. NFTs that designed for the project based blockchain developments, web3 and for the funding of an enterprise application developments.
Purchase or Sell of one of the C-EXINS NFT Collections is very easy and profitable. Your profit beccause of our strategies would not be redurce. C-EXINS Blockchain Services department, Odeonus.

Azuray AZY

Technically Azuray AZY built on BEP20 Binance Smart Contract Network. Azuray AZY is a Part of our project 'Project VR'. Get your AZY place your order Now!


Habitant HBT

Habitant HBT is also built on BEP20 Binance Smart Contract Network. It is a token that would help parties in our project 'Project VR'. Get your HBT place your order Now!


OdeMatic ODM

OdeMatic ODM is also built on ERC20 Polygon Smart Contract Network. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout


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